I Fit IN Just Right!: Me and My Family (Hardcover)


From grandma, to papaw, to aunties and cousins. This beautifully illustrated children’s book will have your child wanting to know more about their family tree and where they belong in their own families. The delightful rhymes and vivid illustrations help to bring to life the bonds and pride of the African-American family. This African-Amercian children’s book takes you through the familial relationships of this young boy as he sees all the ways he belongs with his beautiful group of loved ones. This rhyming book explores both his father’s (paternal) and mother’s (maternal) side of the family as he grows from birth to adolescence. Designed for any diverse classroom to open discussion on community, family and belonging. For any boy or girl seeking to learn about family, they can find themselves in the illustrations and in the words. Come celebrate with this growing boy as he reflects on how he fits in JUST RIGHT !!


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